Precision Glass Nail File vs Emery Board

Many nail files, including crystal, glass, and traditional emery boards, are too abrasive for natural nails and can cause microscopic tears at the tip of the nail that lead to breakage, damage, and premature polish chipping. Natural nails—especially if they are delicate, damaged, or fragile—require a completely different technology.

Glass file vs emery board

In the above image taken with a scanning electron microscope, you can observe the clear difference between a nail filed with a traditional emery board file and one filed with our Precision Glass Nail File. The nail filed with the Dr. Dana file is smooth, even, and free of damage. Our Nail File features a high-performing precision technology grit to gently shape and contour natural nails for a smooth edge. Even weak or brittle nails can be filed in any direction with no harm to the nail.