On the Nail

How to Stop Nail Picking

Are you a picker—a nail picker that is? Did you know that nail picking is an actual condition and not simply the nervous habit you might think it is. Onychotillomania (or nail picking disorder) is a likely underreported, condition in which patients repetitively pick at the nail and the surrounding areas like the cuticle. The… Read more »

How to Put Your Nail Biting Days Behind You

Nail biting—or as it’s technically known, onychophagia—can be a frustrating condition for many people to overcome, but one that is not at all uncommon. A better understanding of the causes and issues that come along with chronic nail biting might just make it easier to stop doing it altogether. Let’s dive into some of the… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Ingrown Nails

Whether you realized it at the time, you have very likely suffered from an ingrown nail—and even more likely, an ingrown toenail. They can be painful and can cause larger issues if left untreated. So what causes ingrown toenails exactly, how can you tell if you have one, and what can you do about it?… Read more »

Here’s How to Make Your Nails Grow Fast—and Healthy!

No matter how you like to wear your nails—polished or unpolished, long or more trimmed—a common wish many of us have is that our nails grow faster. From the person trying to fight the urge to bite their nails to the one who broke a nail so short they’re in pain, there are a million… Read more »

How to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Beautiful

Here at Dr. Dana, we believe that taking care of your nail health is just as important as that of your skin, hair, and the rest of your body. Strong, healthy nails are an indicator of a strong, healthy body. Plus, they look great. There are so many contributing factors when you talk about how… Read more »

Should You Be Concerned About Nail Fungus?

It’s more common than you might think. The thing about talking about health, of the nail variety and otherwise, is that sometimes we have to discuss matters that might not be our favorites. But they’re important and we should discuss them without shame or embarrassment. That’s very true when it comes to onychomycosis, which is… Read more »

Yes, Your Nails Do Age

What happens to your nail health over time—and how to improve it. While most of us are extremely familiar with skin and hair care regimens designed to help us maintain a youthful appearance, when it comes to nails, aging is not typically a regular part of the conversation. But your nails do in fact age,… Read more »