Nail Renewal System Step 3: Deep Hydrating Formula

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Nourishes and strengthens nails and cuticles. Nails finish shiny and glossy!

Our Deep Hydrating Formula gives nails a healthy, glossy finish. The innovative gel-oil hybrid—a first of its kind—nourishes and reinforces delicate nail cells, thus creating a stronger nail that is less prone to breakage, peeling, and brittleness. The easy-to-use tube allows you to control how much product comes out, so you have the perfect amount of moisture every time. 

For enhanced results, apply after using the Dr. Dana Glycolic Prep (step 1) and Priming Wand (step 2) as part of the Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System.

Note: We do not recommend applying nail polish to newly treated nails. Immediately after using the Step 3, your nails will look and feel smooth and shiny without the need for polish. If applying polish, wait at least one hour for maximum efficacy of the system, and then apply to clean nails.

Shine: This is not a polish. Your nails will finish shiny and glossy—but there’s no removal required and absolutely no chipping.

Strengthen: This formula contains Pistacia Lentiscus (Mastic Gum), which is a natural nail strengthener. Derived from the sap of a Mediterranean evergreen tree, this ingredient fortifies and beautifies both the nails and cuticles.

Safe for All Nail Types: Our hydrating formula is gentle on your nails, making it suitable for all nail types, including sensitive and thin nails. Halal certified, vegan and cruelty free.

Ingredients can be found here.

Gently squeeze tube and brush gel-oil onto nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin. Massage for maximum moisturization. Reapply daily or as needed throughout the week.

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Revive. Reveal. Shine.

Transform your nails with Dr. Dana's unique line of professionally developed nail care products designed to help your nails shine whether you're dedicated to Gel Polish or seeking that gorgeous natural look.

Developed by a Doctor

Dr. Dana Stern is a board certified dermatologist and a recognized leader in nail health. She is also the first dermatologist to develop a nail renewal system and line of simple, effective nail care solutions for all nail types.

Cruelty Free:

All Dr. Dana products are PETA-certified animal test-free and vegan.

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Plant-Based Solutions

Science-backed formulas that are rooted in nature.

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Dr. Dana Stern is one of the most honored doctors in the United States.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Fabulous system that really helped get my natural nails back in shape. I love the glass nail file, my nails are stronger and healthier!

Connie Workman
Love the product

The delivery of the product needs improvement. Very little product for the price! Had to throw 1 pen away because there was nothing in it.


Product very good for nails. Very easy to use

Effective, but extremely expensive for the product with a poor delivery system

The hydrating system definitely improves my nails, but the pens seem to have very little product in them, and it is hard to tell whether there is any more product, as turning the pen sometimes releases product and then seems to go ‘dry'. A better delivery system (perhaps a jar with a small brush, such as the old-fashioned rubber cement glue contains) would give this product 5 stars

Update April 14th

Customer service made it right for me. (Replaced the empty pen)
I love Step 3. Unfortunately, step 2 destroyed my nails in January and they are just now recovering. Step 3 really works though!! I would not use step 2 if you have thin fingernails.

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