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Nail Renewal System Step 2: Priming Wand


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Exfoliates and Shines!

The Dr. Dana Priming Wand is a tri-grit wand to gently prime the nail surface and remove damaged nail cells. Each of the three surfaces is a different grit strength or level of abrasiveness. Dr. Dana did extensive research on grits and the wand is designed for any nail, no matter how thin, brittle or damaged. 

Prime: The wand is a healthy, safe way to exfoliate the nails in order to clear away surface damage, safely and effectively removing ridges, discoloration, and peeling. Prime once weekly.

Shine: After using all three surfaces of the Priming Wand, your nails will reveal a natural, healthy shine.

Developed by a board-certified dermatologist: Dr. Dana Stern is the only dermatologist in the country who devotes her entire practice to nails—including diagnosis, treatment and surgery—and is a leading nail expert in the media. She is also the first dermatologist to develop a nail renewal system to improve the health of nails.

Travel-friendly: This product is portable and can be taken on an airplane with no problems at the security line.

Directions: For use on clean, unpolished nails. Start with Surface 01, swipe two to five times over the flat part of the nail and then repeat with Surface 02 and Surface 03. The Priming Wand should be used NO MORE THAN once per week.

For best results, use as part of the Nail Renewal System with Steps 1 and 3.

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Phyllis Batie
Nail renewal system priming Wand

i have used the priming wand a few times and really like the way each step improves the look and feel of my nails.