What You Need to Know About Halal Beauty

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You are likely familiar with products that make claims about being clean and cruelty free, but do you know what Halal-certified beauty is all about?


What Is Halal Beauty?


The term “Halal” means anything that is legal or permissible under Islamic principles. As it pertains to beauty products, Halal certification requires the products to be made only with ingredients allowed under Islamic Sharia law, which is written in the Qur’an. Translation: No animal products, no alcohol, and no harmful ingredients —nothing deemed illegal (or “haram”) within the religion.  According to Wunderman Thompson’s The New Muslim Consumer Report, published in 2022, 91% of Muslims say their number-one priority when purchasing a product is that’s Halal certified.

As you might guess, there are a lot of “hero” ingredients in beauty products, whether topical or ingestible, that would not be allowed in Halal beauty products. Some common ones include:


  • Collagen, unless labeled as marine- or plant-based: A study published in the March 2021 issue of Marine Drugs actually took a closer look at fish-derived collagen, its usage and efficacy, in part because of the Muslim population who cannot consume or use traditional sources, such as bovine (aka from cows).
  • Keratin, unless labeled as marine- or plant-based
  • Hydroquinone, commonly found in lightening creams and agents
  • Heavy metals including mercury and lead
  • Any type of alcohol-containing ingredient


Several of the above make regular appearances in the nail polish and nail care world, making it difficult for Muslim shoppers – and non-Muslim shoppers who are looking for products that go beyond “clean” – to find products that meet their needs. Dr. Dana is proud to offer several nail care products that have been Halal-certified by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America), the leader in global Halal certification.


How is Halal Beauty Different Than Clean Beauty?

Having Halal-compliant ingredients doesn’t make a brand or product Halal-certified. According to IFANCA, “Halal Certification is the process of having a qualified independent third party supervise the production of consumables, attesting that they were produced in conformity with the preparation and ingredient standards of the Halal lifestyle. After successful adoption and performance of Halal productivity procedures, the supervisory third party then issues Halal Certification to the producer attesting to Halal conformity on a per product basis.”


While clean beauty focuses solely on a list of “no-no” ingredients, Halal certification goes beyond the ingredient list to look at the entire manufacturing process. This starts with the product’s raw materials, of course, but extends to its packaging and production facility, all of which must meet the most optimal levels of cleanliness. 


Clean beauty is one of our core values at Dr. Dana: Our products are FREE of parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrance, dyes, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, and toluene. Additionally, everything is vegan, PETA-certified cruelty-free, and we never test on animals. But we’ve also taken the additional step to ensure that our supply chain and manufacturing process conforms to the standards of Halal beauty.


While Halal-certified products are always considered clean and cruelty free, they are not always vegan. Certain ingredients like beeswax and honey are permissible under Halal beauty guidelines.


Dr Dana’s Halal Nail Polish Products


Most of our Dr. Dana products are currently Halal-certified, meeting the needs of those consumers who are looking for a certain standard in the products they put on their bodies. For nail biters, this can provide an additional sense of comfort that no haram ingredients will be consumed inadvertently.

  • Dana Nail Renewal System: Our bestselling, travel-friendly nail care system that revitalizes brittle, dry or damaged nails instantly and continues to improve nail health over time. The three-piece kit, which features the innovative Glycolic Prep for Nails nail exfoliator, Priming Wand gentle nail buffer, and nourishing Deep Hydrating Formula, works to smooth, strengthen and add natural shine. It will look like you’re wearing Halal nail polish, but without the need for removal! The products also allow water and air to pass through (wudu-safe), ensuring enhanced health of the nails.
  • Dana Hydrating Non-Acetone Polish Remover: Acetone, currently found in many nail polish removers, can dry out your nails and skin and cause damage to your nails and cuticles. This hydrating, acetone-free polish remover actually nourishes and protects while effectively removing polish — even the darkest of shades. Nails and cuticles are left hydrated and conditioned. Plus, the dropper allows for precise, mess-free application.
  • Dana Precision Glass Nail File: Featuring high-performing precision technology, this glass file gently shapes and contours natural nails without the microscopic tears and damage caused by traditional emery boards.
  • Dana Nourishing Cuticle Oil: A healthy cuticle is the key to a healthy nail. The Dr. Dana Nourishing Cuticle Oil is formulated with science-backed Indigo Naturalis and hydrating Sunflower and Jojoba Oils to support nail growth and cuticle barrier function. When used regularly, cuticle oil will keep cuticles properly hydrated and allow nails to grow in healthier and stronger. Our Nourishing Cuticle Oil has a unique rollerball for a mess-free application and a mild yet fresh scent.

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